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Save, Clean and Organize while crafting with kids

TIME: Less than 30 Minutes

Tips for parents & teachers who do crafts with children

I wanted to share a few tips that I have picked up by crafting with my parents, then with my sisters and now with my son. Tips to save money and to organize and clean in a breeze.

Buy in Bulk and save a lot
buying in bulk saves you a lot of money. Specially when you buy paper, paint and beads. If you are buying paper try buying a box load rather than one pack. If you buy paint you can re-use baby food containers and put paint in some them so that the paint is not used all at once. When buying beads you can buy the assorted kind and then have your kids sort them. You can also buy beads at your local beauty supplies store. They always have hair beads on sale for as low as $50 cents per pack. Last week I went to the beauty supply store with my son and I bought 6 packs of bead of different colors and sizes for just 3 dollars.

Donít throw it out!
The hardest part of crafting is when the crafting is over. Why? because you have to clean up! but it does not have to be that way. If you will use the floor to do your crafting, then news paper is the answer! Cover the area in which you will craft with paper, this way you will be able to clean everything within minutes!

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Organize your supplies:
Believe it or not the best place to store your crafts are the small bins that they sell at the 99c stores. They are usually 4 or 3 for a dollar and you can put your craft supplies in a book case for easy access by your kids. If you have smaller kids then a movable cart might be the perfect fit. Movable carts are low enough for a pre-k or k little crafter and they are easy to find at the store.

Come back every week for a new article on crafting, parenting and making life fun!



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